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Cloud based
Mobile Order Management System

Mobile & Web based Dashboard /
Reports for sales manager / Top management

Measure marketing impact through survey,
Audit and Competition tracking

Improve salesman productivity by
digitizing sales reporting

Fastest way to book orders

  • Intelligent, auto computed suggested order list with pre-calculated quantities
  • Intuitive UI defined and refined by thousands of users feedback
  • Use Mobile phones, Laptops and Pads
  • Backed by cloud enabled Go-DB MEAP platform on SaaS model

Application and UI Specifically designed for

  • Sales Reps collecting orders from Dealers/Distributors/Retail Outlets
  • Distributors/Dealers placing primary orders
  • Retailers directly placing orders with Distributors or Manufacturers
  • Restaurant Managers placing repeat orders daily/weekly/monthly
  • An Enterprise placing office supply orders
  • An End consumer placing tertiary orders online

More Features

  • A collection module for offline payment collection
  • An invoicing module to complete the sale
  • Daily Activity Report module to book and track non-sales activities
  • Lead Module to capture and manage new Leads
  • Inventory module to manage order levels at Distributor/Retail Outlet levels
  • Merchandising module to track marketing assets deployed at consumer facing locations
  • Target module to set and track targets to be achieved daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
  • An Expense module to track daily expenses when traveling

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Efficient order processing saves time and cost
  • Multi-channel support helps bring the entire ecosystem under one umbrella
  • Real-time order analysis
  • Communicating latest price, schemes and inventory info
  • Measure effectiveness of new schemes


Cloud Hosting
Mobility Middleware
Sales Module
Base Subscription

10 /user /day

Partner Programme

We have a network of 100 plus partners across the globe and are interested in more partnerships. Learn about our partner program and evaluate its benefits to your business.

Become a part of our community and help customers to build an agile ecosystem around themselves. Our product would in turn help you create recurring revenue streams as well as build other innovative services around it.