We appreciate your interest in partnering with us.

We have a network of 100 plus partners across the globe and are interested in more partnerships. Learn about our partner program and evaluate its benefits to your business.

Become a part of our community and help customers to build an agile ecosystem around themselves. Our product would in turn help you create recurring revenue streams as well as build other innovative services around it.

Let us answer those initial queries you might have about partnering:

Q: Why partner with Cloware?

Let's admit it - one person cannot do everything. Though it is an off-the-shelf service, every customers business is different and they require the service to be implemented specific to their needs. Hence most implementations require a personal relationship and hand holding until roll-out. This where we need YOU to build those valuable relationships !

Q: What do I need to do as a partner?

You are the key link between our technology and your customers. This means you would be

  • Acting as a consultant in advising the best way to implement the service
  • Helping them choose appropriate hardware based on their needs
  • Helping them choose the local mobile network provider
  • Implement their needs within the framework of the service
  • Implementing their needs within the framework of the service
  • Training the end-users and provide support
  • Managing the billing and smooth functioning of their service

Q: What do I need to invest as a partner?

There is no sign-up fee at the moment. You can start with a very low upfront investment via your sales/marketing, and scale up based on customer demand. You would need to invest your time in product and sales training; after which we would provide the complete Sales kit, to accelerate your sales.

Q: What are the benefits I would get?

  • Hassle free: Firstly you are getting a managed service without the hassles of maintaining the infrastructure.
  • Easy Sell: Managed services like this are easy to adopt by customers compared to Licensed products or custom solutions.
  • Customer Loyalty: With a quality offering - like our technology plus your relationship - you can expect your customers to shower their loyalty on us!
  • Most importantly - additional revenue!: (a) Recurring revenue from the service (b) implementation services towards your customer (c) integration services for connecting this with the customer's core ERP etc (d) other revenue when integrating the customer's ecosystem (EG: Integrated supply chain - where DMS packages are installed at each dealer location and integrated into this service).

If you have a common vision - to build long term relationships with customers and add value to their business - we are waiting to partner with you.

To become a partner simply email to service@cloware.com