About GoDB Tech

GoDB Tech is a Chennai based technology company specializing in mobility solutions for enterprises - to mobilize business processes outside their corporate walls. GoDB Tech's flagship product - "GoDB" - is an industry standard Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that powers business critical applications at many Fortune 500 companies. In short: GoDB extends business data/processes to mobile devices, the way emails are extended on push-based mobile phones.

About Cloware

Cloware is the umbrella brand under which GoDB Tech provides all its Cloud based mobility services. It stands for

  • "Cloud" as in hosted, scalable, cost effective
  • "ware" as in hardware, middleware, software

Mobile App Retail Distribution

OMS (as in Order Management System) is one of the Cloud based services under Cloware brand, which provides Sales, Marketing, Productivity and Service.

  • No expensive server infrastructure required
  • No worries about software licensing
  • No hassles of server maintenance and updates
  • Just pay monthly and start using the Ordering Service !