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Below Add-ons are applied on top of the base ordering service and can make your instance more powerful.
For applying these to your instance please contact us or your nearest Cloware partner.

Few of the most preferred Addons:

Geographical Pricing

Create a location based price for each product SKU, where a location can be mapped to any of the below
  • an individual store location, or
  • the area of a distributor, or
  • a whole city, or
  • the entire region

Product Push

In the mobile app, Sales rep would normally add SKUs to the order grid based on the customers request. In a hurry at the order taking location, what if the Sales rep could not mention about a new or key product?

You could miss the market :-(

Don't worry, this Add-on allows you to
  • push new products by pre-populating the Order grid, or
  • promote key products at specific outlets, or
  • provide upselling suggestions based on historical orders at each outlet


Schemes are an effective means to promote products, especially during peak sale seasons. This addon allows you to create two broad types of schemes - Volume based (or) Value based.

A few sample schemes that can be created via this module are:
  • Buy 10 get 1 free
  • Buy between 10 to 50 units and get 1% discount
  • Buy for Rs.10,000 and 2 units free
  • Buy between Rs.10K to Rs.15K and get 1% discount


Your sales reps are on the field and they find a new outlet or lead. How about capturing the new lead info via their mobile device itself?!

This addon enables you to:
  • Provide a lead form on the mobile for capturing info
  • Capture standard details like store name, owner, contact info, referred by etc
  • Create customer forms with your own questions/parameters
  • The Managers can consolidate all the new leads and upload/associate approved leads to existing beats
2 / user / day


Your sales reps are already on the field and visiting the retail outlets. Why not leverage their presence to conduct few audits?

This addon enables you to:
  • Define assets like POP, Danglers, Streamers and other Branding material
  • Conduct a mobile based survey on marketing effectiveness. For eg:
    • Were the POP's placed near the billing counter?
    • How many Danglers were present?
  • Conduct audits for other assets. For eg:
    • Is the freezer in working condition?
    • Are they powered on?
  • Track competitor's presence at outlets
2 / user / day


Do you want to know the inventory position at the Distributors? Do you want to know the inventory at the Retailer as well?

This addon enables you to capture various inventory related details like:
  • Capture the current stock position alone, or
  • Maintain a running closing balance by capturing the Sold quantity and deducting the Primary sale quantity
  • Capture inventory details even at outlets to compute their Off-take
2 / user / day


While on the field, your sales reps might need to know the customer wise balance. Calling from each location to find the balance is a tedious way.

This addon enables you to:
  • Upload the customer wise outstanding (taken from your accounting software like Tally ERP) into the Cloware server
  • Based on the route, the corresponding customer outstanding info is then downloaded into the mobile device of the sales rep
  • Sales reps can collect payments (Cash/Cheque) and capture the details in the mobile device
  • The collection details are synced to the Cloware server (from thereon can be imported into your accounting software)
Note: Future versions of this addon would enable seamlessly push/pull between this system and your accounting software.
2 / user / day

Daily Activity

How do the sales users - sales reps, ASMs, RSMs etc - presently capture the non-sales activities? Do they find it tedious to report this data? Do you end up not knowing what is happening?

This addon enables you to:
  • Create Daily Activity templates like Leave, Meeting with ASM, New Distributor opening etc
  • Enables the sales users to choose the activity and log the time spent along with comments etc
  • Infact, they can even associate the activities to Beats, Outlets, SKUs or even other Users
2 / user / day


Travel expenses/Claims/Reimbursements are routine transactions, but these need monitoring and timely approvals. It is critical that the sales users get these settled fast, so that they function smoothly.

This addon enables this process to happen smoothly:
  • Create Expense template and set conveyance limits
  • Sales users can record their expenses - TA, DA, Courier charges etc - and upload to Cloware
  • The expenses can undergo upto TWO levels of approvals (say by ASM and then by Finance team)
  • All approved expenses can be exported as XML and later imported into your Accounting software like Tally ERP
2 / user / day


Sales works by Targets, and targets need to be tracked on achievements.

This addon enables comprehensive target setting and tracking:
  • Targets are set top-down and achivement plans are provided bottom-up
  • Set the overall target and allow the subordinate users to provide an achivement plan
  • Set targets for multiple entities - Orders / Stock levels / Num calls etc
  • Set one time or recurring targets - Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annual
  • View targets versus achievement to track the progress
2 / user / day


Ok, now that orders are captured, would you like to notify your ecosystem to take respective actions?

Thanks to this Addon, you can now achieve that as well.
  • Send notifications on new Orders via SMS to your distributors
  • Send notifications to the Smart phones of the respective ASM/RSM
  • Notifications supported only for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone 4S and above, iPad2 and above
10 for 100 msgs


The base subscription allows download of all the transaction data via the export facility under each module. This data can then be viewed in a spreadsheet/Excel to create specific reports.

The Addon enables building online reports and viewing them via the Cloware interface itself.
  • Build custom reports based on your transaction data
  • Each person can see the report data only of his subordinates and below. This means an RSM can view the data of only his region - i.e. his team of ASMs and the Sales executives under those ASMs
  • Since the reporting engine freezes each transaction in time, one can go back in time and still expect the same state irrespective of - churn, role changes, route mapping changes etc
50 / report / month

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