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What do you need to use the Service?

Master Data - about your business process and the people using it
SKUs This is base list of product SKU's that are being ordered. The list is expected to contain MRP, UOM and category for each SKU
Category A list of categories for the SKUs. This is mainly used for quicker access in mobiles and for server side reports.
Outlets A list of outlet names, address, city, outlet code etc.
Beats A list of Beats (routes) and the outlets under those beats.
Beat map A mapping between the Sales executives and the Beat names.
Roles A list of roles and "reporting to" structure reflecting the org structure (example: Sales Executive, ASM, ZSM etc).
Dealers A list of Distributors/Dealers and the Beats they are assigned.

The above are the base set of master data. There could be more masters required for modules Merchandizing, DAR, Expense Tracking, Targets etc. You can contact your implementation partner for modules suitable for your business.

Access via Email ids for each user

Any user who needs to access the service requires a user id. At present we only support valid Email id's.

Users can register themselves using their personal email-id, however this is NOT advisable.

It is recommended that, as an Enterprise the Admin team creates these Email-ids on behalf of everyone and keep the control with themselves, so that during churn (change in employees), they can simply pass on the Email id to the new person. Else the Admin team would end up re-mapping all the masters to the email-ids of new employees; however be noted that the previous transactions would remain associated with the old employee's user id.

A device for order taking - mobile phone / tablet / pc

The service is supported on a variety of devices

Having said that, the technology behind it requires devices that have a minimum hardware profile, as the service relies on local data storage and offline processes.

Java Phones
  • 2 MB RAM
  • 2 MB internal memory available for Java apps
  • MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 or higher
Android Phones Version 2.3 or higher
iPhone Version 4 or higher
Tablets iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, Android Tablets version 4 or higher
Other PC / Laptops with HTML5 enabled browsers

It is recommended to choose a mobile device with a battery life of 6-8 hours, as your sales force might not be able to recharge frequently on the field!

As it is not feasible for us to exhaustively test all the devices in the market, we recommend a few devices that we have seen working among our partners / customers. Check this devices are listed below.

Java phones
Price between Rs.3K-5K
Nokia 110, Nokia 2700, Nokia 5250, Nokia 6260 slide, Nokia Asha series( Asha 200, 205, 300 etc), Nokia 7230, Nokia C1, Nokia C1-01, Nokia C2-01, Nokia C3, Nokia C3-01, Nokia C7, Nokia X2, Nokia X2-01, Samsung C3312 (Duos), Samsung C3222 (Chat), Samsung C3530, Samsung B3210 (Corby), Samsung E2152i, Samsung E2232 (Duos)
Android phones
Price below Rs.8K
Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung Galaxy Y
A network connection - GPRS / EDGE / 3G / WiFi / Broadband

The service requires an internet connection between the mobile device and the OMS server. The connection type could be any of the following - GPRS / EDGE / 3G / WiFi / Broadband etc.

The internet connection is required only when

  • The sales executive downloads the master data to their mobile device, or
  • The sales executive uploads the transaction data to the server

At all other times the connectivity is not used, and the sales executives can literally continue order capture on their mobile devices without any network connection.

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