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Partner Kit

This page is for business partners to aid them in sales / implementation / extending the Cloware OMS service for each customer. All documents are provided in source as well as presentation formats, so that partners can do their value additions and upsell.

Sales / Pre-sales

Below are the various documents, demos, presentations that would aid in pre-sales / sales stages
Cloware OMS Overview PDF    PPTX
Cloware OMS Features PDF    PPTX

Demo Apps and login details
Cloware OMS Demo users PDF
Demo Server URL Click here
Mobile Apps java.jar (Default)
java-sd.jar (SD card version)
Android App (Marketplace link)

Other supporting material
Prerequisites for using the service DOC    HTML

For Dairy Industry
Dairy Solutions - Presentation PDF    PPTX
Dairy solutions - Brochure PDF
Dairy Demo Server URL Click here
Dairy Mobile App java.jar


Below are documents that would help in implementing the service for customer's requirements.
Masters upload formats
Note: These formats can be also downloaded from the individual module pages
Outlet to Beat Map


The OMS service can be integrated with other core systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Tally ERP etc
Tally ERP
Cloware is pre-integrated with Tally ERP. You can find various scenarios & integration details here:
Scenarios:    PDF    PPTX
Integration:   Tally Adapter
Other ERP
Sales order data in a completely de-normalized form can be exported from the cloud interface and imported into your ERP system. Additionally APIs are provided to download the data in CSV form.

The Service
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