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Cloud Hosting
Mobility Middleware
Order Capture Service
Base Subscription

10 /user /day
What's included?
Cloud Hosting
  • Hosted Server - Hardware and Software (OS, App/Web/DB servers)
  • Maintenance of the server and applying updates
  • 24 x 7 x 365 availability with 99% uptime
Explore our Add-ons for making your service instance more powerful
Ordering modules

  • Define your own territories - Country, State, City, Town, Market
  • Create regions and map to your territories

Outlets and Routes/Beats
  • Create a list of outlets (points at which orders are to be captured)
  • Create Routes and Route hierarchies and map outlets

  • Define SKUs, UOM and their price
  • Define Product Categories and assign to SKUs

Order Capture
  • Capture Orders
  • Define Product Categories and assign to SKUs

Admin modules

Access Control
  • Define your own sales organization structure and map the users to various roles
  • Define the scope of each role/user (routes, categories, SKUs etc)

Import/export (as CSV)
  • Import all masters - SKUs, Outlets, Routes, Cities, Countries etc
  • Export transactions - Sales Orders

  • Payment: This is a Pre-paid service, where the your account needs to be topped-up sufficiently
  • Billing: All charges (base subscription, Add-ons etc) are deducted on a daily advance basis.
  • Support: Support is provided from Monday to Friday 0930-1830 hrs IST, excluding holidays. Queries or Issues raised beyond the support times will be responded on the next business day.

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